• Day 01 Ampana – Tentena  about  6 hours
    will stop on the way to see the saluopa waterfall
  • Day 02 Tentena – Pendolo about 3 hours
  • Day 03 Pendolo – Toraja about  7 hours
  • Day 04 Toraja Tour
  • Day 05 Toraja Tour :  During the Toraja Tour we will Visit   -Kambira : Baby grave in the high living tree  -Tampang Allo : There is natural cave with ancient  wooden coffins  and effigies Belongs to the noble man in the area -Suaya/Lemo : This site is a cliff burial site of an ancient Torajan chieftain. Galleries of Tau tau guards the grave  -Ke’te’ Kesu’ : is enchanting with it’s tongkonan houses.You will see the hanging grave here. It’s also famous for  its  high skilled carvers  – Bori’ : circle of megalithic decorated with hundreds of buffaloes horns – Lempo-batutumonga: we will go up to the mountain.You will enjoy Spectacular  scenery from here, we can  have lunch at restaurant on mountain top. NOTE ! There are various other interesting event such as funeral, wedding, traditional house warming ceremony market day which can be fit in to your program when convenient
  • Day 06 Toraja trekking
  • Day 07 Toraja trekking : During the trekking you will walk through the rice field terraces, bamboo forest, make a close contact With the local people and see their unique way of life, spend the night in the local house, traditional food will be served in the village.
  • Day 08 Toraja – sengkang about  6 hours In Sengkang we will visit Tempe lake. we can see floating houses there. we can enjoy some tea on one of the house.  Sengkang  is also famous for weaving silk. You also can buy the silk product here.
  • Day 09 sengkang – Makassar  about 6 hours
  • Day 10 Makassar – next destination
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Seloupa Waterfall Tentena